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CBD oil stands for hemp extract. It is often used in the form of a liquid oil. The oil extracted from hemp is particularly high in cannabidiol, i.e. CBD, which many believe has balancing effects on physical and psychological well-being.

How does the oil affect?

Everyone experiences the effects of CBD oil in their own way. However, it is not a psychoactive preparation and does not have an intoxicating effect. Instead, it helps our body function in a more balanced way. The oil administered under the tongue contains similar endocannabinoids that the body itself produces. CBD supports our nervous system, which takes care of the body’s balance.

Legal and safe oil

Are you wondering if you are doing something wrong if you buy our products? Is CBD oil a legal product in Finland? You don’t have to worry. Natural oils made from cannabis sativa are produced completely legally from EU-approved industrial hemp.

Choose the appropriate concentration

Do you already know what is the best CBD oil for you? Our selection includes organic oils with different concentrations. Get to know our products and try which product suits your preferences.